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""What You Remembered Is Saved," by Linda Levin, is a "crazy quilt" of irregular pieces. But the typical bright clashes of color and pattern are absent. The work is muted and restrained. Off-white, irregularly shaped pieces of fabric were textured with brushstrokes of dye that crisscross, zigzag and leave drops of muted tones. Several segments bear the imprint of a screen."

Betty Freudenheim, Fiber Art: Beyond the Mundane, The New York Times, Monday, August 6, 1990

"Linda Levin - Quilts that capture an atmosphere, a mood, or a moment rather than a literal scene. Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, throught March 19."

Robert Taylor, Critics' Choices, The Boston Globe, Friday, February 17, 1989

"Duxbury has a small but appealing show of splintered, swirling landscapes composed in uniquely dyed fabric quilts by local artist Linda Levin. Levin creates a shimmering, sophisiticated surface reminiscent of the early twentieth-century Cubist-inspired painted Feininger, but her work is softer and more spontaneous looking."

Amy Lighthill, Preview: Art, Boston Review, February 1989

"Fabric artist Linda Levin's prodigiously complex quilts suggest cubism or rayonnism in cloth. Her "Midtown" pits dozens of different grids of different sizes and shapes and colors against one and another, like the mismatched buildings of a congested urban space."

Christine Temin, Perspectives, Arts and Crafts and the virtues of space, The Boston Globe, Thursday, December 22, 1988

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